About us

Prevent the Drop®. That is why we started Grip2ü.
All of us have experienced the anxiety of dropping our phones, but few of us have taken the proper steps to Prevent the Drop®. From busy moms trying to keep up with their kids, to hands-on entrepreneurs, to the everyday cell phone user, our active lifestyles put our phones at risk. Whether you’re running to the grocery store or running late to a meeting, our grip case can enhance your active lifestyle and prevent costly phone drops.

Grip2ü premium design offers an innovative built-in band to prevent dropping your phone. Our drop-tested cases also provide superior protection in the event of a drop, with three protection levels designed for every individual. Grip2ü cases are available for Apple and Samsung devices.

Device Protection. Drop Protection. Grip2ü.

Customer Testimonials

Took a chance and tried it. Never looking back.
— Collin R.
Clean design and great construction.
Can’t live without it
— Woody R.
I have not dropped or scratched my phone since using this case. I Love it!
— Anne D.

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