UV-C Sanitizing Pen

$ 69.99
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Kills 99.9% of germs in as little as 10 seconds using UV-C light. Sanitize items for 4 hours before recharging. Pocket-sized and convenient for when you're on the go.
TOUCH PANEL: Built-in safety feature requires a double tap of the power button to turn on the device.

AUTO-OFF: Automatically turns off the UV-C light when the pen is facing upwards to avoid light shining into your eyes.

- UV-C Sanitizing Pen
- USB-C cable (1m / 3.3ft)
- Carrying pouch
- Instruction manual

Sanitizing time: 10-30 sec
Charging time: 40 mins
Operation time: 4 hours
Dimensions: 128 x 31 x 10.3mm
Weight: 2.12 oz.

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