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  • Bands

    Customize your look

Our cases feature a flexible band that comfortably secures your phone to your hand; improving your ability to text, type, swipe, snap and post.


Extra protection to take on life. Features a built-in kickstand. This dual layer case is Military Spec protective.



For those who are anti-case. This lightweight minimal snap-on case provides ultra-thin seamless protection.



Feeling moody? Switch up your band for the day to match your outfit and the adventure ahead.

  • "With a toddler in the house these cases are lifesavers! My little one has taken my phone multiple times and dropped it and it's still in perfect condition! I highly recommend Grip2u to anyone."


  • "I love the case - the strap is slim, the case is minimal, and it takes up so little room in my back pocket. It's waaay better than a pop-socket. Way better, because you don't have to squeeze anything especially when you're laying down. Grip2u was a solid upgrade."


  • "With a handy band around the back of the case, the Grip2u prevents untimely drops and makes it easier to snap a few selfies. The case is available for iPhone and Galaxy."