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Grip2ü is a premium case brand, featuring a design that offers an innovative built-in band to prevent dropping your phone. Our drop-tested cases also provide superior protection in the event of a drop, with three protection levels designed for every individual. Grip2ü cases are available for Apple and Samsung devices.

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Best iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max cases you can get now

Grip2U cases feature a swappable grip band that helps you hold onto your iPhone more securely. I prefer the more protective Boost case, which also gives you an integrated flip-out kickstand. The clear Boost case is pictured but it also comes in black and white. Additional grip bands can be purchased to customize the case's look.

Grip2U Slim iPhone 11 Pro case review

The Grip2U case is a protective phone cover for the iPhone 11 Pro with an integrated elastic strap on the back to ‘prevent the drop’ as their URL puts it.

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With a handy band around the back of the case, the Grip2ü prevents untimely drops and makes it easier to snap a few selfies. The case is available for iPhone and Galaxy.

Best iPhone 11 Pro Max Kickstand Cases in 2019 for Handsfree Movie Viewing

This kickstand case for the iPhone has added some severe drop prevention technology. In other words, this case maximizes the potential of your device without risking damage to your costly smartphone. Keeping a hold of your phone has never been so comfortable and beautiful.

Roundup: Hands on with the best cases for iPhone 11 Pro

Featuring the Prevent The Drop grip design, the Slim snap-on case features an interchangeable grip band on the back, which can help users keep the iPhone in their hands for longer. Wireless charging-compatible, the ultra thin case includes deformable buttons to the side, access to the ports, and a raised section to protect the camera bump.

Best Protective Cases for the iPhone 11 & iPhone 11 Pro

Grip2u cases are available in Slim or Boost categories. The Slim does not cover the bottom area by the ports, but the Boost does and is still relatively slim. They both have an embedded rubber handle, hence the name Grip2u, that doesn’t interfere with wireless charging, but can help you keep your iPhone in your hand.

These iPhone 11, Pro and Pro Max cases are available to buy now

There are a number of options from Grip2u for the iPhone 11, Pro and Pro Max including the company's Slim cases which are priced at $24.99 and come in a variety of color options. These colors include clear, ice, charcoal, two camouflage options, one that's black and white and one a more traditional military green, plus one color called Beetlejuice, which is a striped black and white design.

The Best iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max Cases

Every iPhone should be in a case. The drop protection, extra grip, and personality a case adds are worth a few dollars and the added bulk. Even with the most careful handling, accidents happen, and going commando doesn’t strike us as being worth it when the result can be a $400-plus out-of-warranty repair. But hey, if a case isn’t your thing, you do you.

iPhone 11 cases for people with butterfingers

This case has a replaceable band in the back to help you clutch your phone, plus a protective case to protect your device from impact. It is also extremely slim, and can be wirelessly charged through. You can choose from a few fun case and band designs, mixing and matching as you please.

Best Thin Cases for iPhone 11 in 2019

The iPhone 11 is one of the sleekest, most minimal iPhone designs yet, so who wants to weigh it down with a bulky, heavy case? Not us! This treasured device must be protected, however, so the next best thing to a naked iPhone is a slim, lightweight case that protects without adding bulk. If a thin, slim case is what you need for your phone, we've researched for you. Check out our top picks.